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5 Features That Will Add The Most Value To Your Home

Whether you want to sell your home or rent it out, you can only justify a high price if it’s actually worth the value. But, with so many ways to add extra value, from some simple home improvements and garden TLC, to full on construction work, it’s tough to establish which are best.

Here, we explore five methods which will add not just any value – but the most.

  1. Sort out any structural issues

Firstly, it’s important to make sure there are no structural problems. These can vary – there could be small ones like cracks in the walls, or those potentially hazardous, such as rising damp. Either way, these will reduce the price of your home in an instant.

If your home does have these issues, and you ignore them, it could end up costing you more money in the future. So, start by sorting these out. Some you may be able to fix yourself, whilst others will require the help of a professional.

  1. Update your bathroom

An unhygienic bathroom can immediately put people off. Whether it simply needs updating or years of mould and water damage has affected its look, it’s ideal to not only solve these problems, but give the space a new, modern look altogether.

Begin by sealing what’s necessary, as well as fixing broken taps and those features harmed by water. You may need to replace some items. It’s best to opt for contemporary models; for instance, if the bath doesn’t have a shower, include one as for many this will make or break their decision. Make sure to choose suitable colours too – white is perfect for a fresh look, and will also make the space look larger.

  1. Remodel spaces

Consider how your space could be made bigger. Vacant areas like halls can have walls removed to make other rooms, such as bathrooms, more spacious. This way, you can maximise your home, and fit more in.

Another option is to create an open-plan kitchen and dining room. Being able to get around easier will please many potential buyers or tenants. Remodelling is also a great step to take before deciding to convert or extend any other areas.

  1. Room conversion or extension

Garage, loft, attic, or maybe even the cellar – there are many areas in your home that could be transformed into an entirely new room. Not only will it give you more space, but it is also a massive value booster!

Depending on what space you choose, there may be substantial work involved. If you don’t have any spaces that you can convert, then you could consider building an extension or conservatory.


  1. Add a distinctive focal point

 Another easy way to increase the value of your home is by integrating a unique element, that will make any viewers go ‘wow!’ Make sure it’s not too bizarre – you don’t want it to look out of place in the home. A few ideas are: one-of-a-kind pieces of art, unique lighting, or maybe even a feature window! If you have a garden, you could install a striking sculpture.

Whether you’re choosing to add one of these features to help you sell or let, it’s likely you’ll need outsourced help. And not just from the likes of structural engineers. Thankfully, you can turn to Kingsley Hamilton Estates.

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