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6 top tips for buying off-plan

Buying off-plan is an increasingly appealing option to house hunters, especially if you buy early. It can be a very intelligent investment – by the time you move in, the value of your purchase could have already significantly increased.

Here are our 6 top tips for buying off-plan, and getting the most out of your investment:

  1. Research your developer! Check the firm’s reputation and previous schemes – try and view some of their finished homes and see if they match up to what was initially advertised.

  3. Reserve early and save up to 5%! If you pay your reservation fee early, most developers offer up to 5% discount allowing you to secure a great plot!

  5. Bide your time! Whoever said you can’t buy time? Once you’ve bought off plan and paid the reservation fee, use your time to ensure everything is in place for your move; arrange your mortgage and insurance, book the removal van and inform relevant people and organisations of your new address to save you a job once you’ve moved in.

  7. Get to know the project’s timeline! You’ll need to be able to plan accordingly, and be prepared for the agreed move in date.

  9. Budget wisely! When budgeting, remember to take into account additional fees, such as any service charges.

  11. Location, location, location! You won’t be able to see the apartment before you buy, but this doesn’t stop you from checking out the site and seeing what the surrounding area is like. The best investment opportunities are in locations with confirmed transport upgrades, a good level of amenities, and well performing schools.

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