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6 ways to prepare your property for viewings

When it comes to letting or selling your property, you need to present your home in the best light possible. It usually takes a few seconds for potential tenants and buyers to form their first impression on a property and making sure that your home is well presented can give you a real advantage.

Keep it tidy

Keeping a property clean can make a huge difference when forming a positive impression during viewings. You need to make your home as inviting as possible as people need to envision themselves living there. Before any viewings, make sure to declutter your whole property. Simple tricks such as making sure that beds are made, pillows are plumped or simply storing away some of your belongings can change the feel and look of your property.

Don’t get too personal

You need potential buyers or tenants to imagine living in your property. You should consider removing anything overly personal throughout your property, making it as neutral as possible. Try to remove family photos, posters or souvenirs on your shelves. That way people will be able to imagine their belongings inside your home.

Set an atmosphere

It’s important that you set the atmosphere of your property. If the viewing is taking place in the evening, make sure that your home is well lit throughout. Displaying green plants in your entryway will also add some freshness to your home. If you can make your property look and feel homely then it’ll make it easier for people to picture themselves living there.

Set the right temperature

Make sure your property is maintained to a comfortable temperature for viewings. If it’s too cold, people may start to question the heating and insulation system within your property. If it’s too hot, chances are they won’t be able to comfortably view your property. You need the temperature inside your property to be comfortable enough to give potential buyers and tenants a good reason to linger.

Keep it fresh

It is important that your home smells fresh. Bad odours can create a subconscious bad impression that usually lingers during viewings. So make sure to put the bins out before any viewings and display fresh flowers in your living room. This will encourage potential buyers and tenants to spend more time in your property.

Make the most of the outside

Potential buyers or tenants will also be assessing the exterior of your property as well as its surroundings during viewings. If you have a garden, make sure to cut the grass and that there are enough plants to give it a natural feel. A well-maintained garden can have a positive impact on the way your property is perceived and can be a real selling point when it comes to viewings.


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