3-in-1 calculator app

Kingsley Hamilton Estates’ 3-in-1 calculator app

Our new 3-in-1 calculator app brings mortgage, stamp duty and rental yield calculators to the palm of a property buyer’s hand, available for free download on all iOS and Android devices. The app was developed to help property buyers and investors gain easy, on-the-go access to quick, on-hand rental yield calculations, estimated mortgage rates and stamp duty costs.

Mortgage, stamp duty & rental yield calculator at your fingertips.

Our handy calculator app has been designed to offer a live, up-to-the-minute access to all three calculators in one place, helping clients plan for what is typically their largest and most important financial decision. And the real value of our app lies in the ability for clients to run calculations as they are viewing potential properties, making the property buying process easy, simple and fast. A truly one-stop solution to property financial calculations.

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Key features include:

Mortgage Calculator

A quick and easy way to calculate your monthly mortgage payments.

Stamp Duty Calculator

Find out in one click how much stamp duty you will have to pay when buying a residential property.

Rental Yield Calculator

The simplest way to see how much you can expect to earn on a buy-to-let investment.

Hand-picked Properties

A range of carefully selected properties for sale available on the market with Kingsley Hamilton Estates.

Instant Valuation Requests

One-touch click to request valuations or contact our agents instantly.

Property Market Insights

A selection of useful articles about property investment and insights into the current property market.

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