HSBC headquarters to stay in Canary Wharf

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Boost for London as HSBC headquarters to stay in Canary Wharf

It was announced today that HSBC, one of the largest banking and financial services organisations in the world, has decided to keep its headquarters in London’s Canary Wharf, rejecting a move to Hong Kong.

The bank considered the move due to concerns about stricter regulations in the UK, but ultimately came to the conclusion that London “offered the best outcome for our customers and shareholders”, therefore decided against relocation.

Whilst analysts at Investec saw the decision for the HSBC headquarters to stay in Canary Wharf as “regrettable” due to the regulations and the cost of the UK bank levy, this vote of confidence for London is certainly welcome news for landlords in Canary Wharf and the surrounding areas.

HSBC say London is “home to a large pool of highly skilled, international talent”, talent that will no doubt continue to choose Canary Wharf as an ideal base to live and to work. Please see a selection of our latest properties to let in the area.

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