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Common mistakes to avoid when selling your property

Selling your property can be quite a complicated and stressful experience, especially if you’re doing it for the very first time. Whether you’re using a real estate agent or selling yourself, make sure to avoid these six mistakes when you put your property on the market.

Mispricing your property

Setting the price of your property too high is likely to scare away many potential buyers and will have your home sitting on the market longer than it should. Make sure to do some research on house prices in your neighbourhood before setting the price of your home, this should help you set a realistic price tag without scaring buyers away. Let us help you set the right price, contact us today to arrange a valuation.

Hiding the truth about structural issues

It may seem like a good thing to do, but keep in mind that it could backfire on you and potentially lose you a good buyer. If your property has ever suffered from damp issues, wall cracks or uneven flooring, it’s always best to be honest from the start with potential buyers. A property surveyor will easily identify these problems which could lead to you losing out on a sale.

Overlooking essential repairs

It is essential that you take care of any major repairs that are needed in your property before trying to sell it. Plus most buyers are not going to look for a property that needs to be renovated but for one that is ready to move into immediately. If your property has leaking pipes, holes in the walls or in the roof, make sure to get all those structural problems fixed before setting up viewings. This will also help you to avoid getting lower offers from potential buyers.

Poor home staging

Neglecting home staging is another common mistake when selling a property. Make sure to go through each and every room of your home and remove any clutter. It’s also essential that you depersonalise your home décor: remove your fridge magnets, family photos and all your personal touches added over the years. This will help potential buyers imagine themselves living in your property.

Getting in the way

If you’re doing the viewings yourself, remember this key rule: say little, be positive and stay out of the way. While you probably want to be helpful and answer all questions immediately, make sure not to be too present during viewings. Give potential buyers the time to explore your home and let them start to imagine themselves as the new owners of your property.

Forgetting about outdoor spaces

Once you’ve seduced buyers with the interior of your home, don’t scare them away with its exterior! Make sure that your lawn is neatly mowed and place some plants and flowers in your garden as well as by your front door to maximise kerb appeal. Remove dead leaves and take some time to cut back overgrown plants to create a pleasant atmosphere in your garden.

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