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What to consider before buying a property with a garden?

A recent study from GoCompare highlighted that 69% of homebuyers want a home with a garden and are willing to pay more for this feature. If you’ve found your dream property and its garden is already in top condition then you’re off to a good start but what if it isn’t? And what should you be aware of before taking the plunge? Here are the essential points to consider when it comes to the garden of the property you’re viewing.

Problematic plants and trees

Trees and plants can add a lot of charm to a garden but make sure to always check that they are planted as far as possible from the property. The bigger the tree, the wider its roots can spread below the ground. If it is too close to the house, chances are that its roots may cause some serious issues to the foundations of the house in the future. Some plants such as the Japanese Knotweed and the Trumpet Vine can also cause issues to foundations, walls and drains if placed too close to the property. Make sure to always ask about the variety of plants and trees present in the garden during viewings as it could help you identify issues that can be costly to fix in the future.

The direction it faces

The amount of light that a garden receives during the day mainly depends on the way it faces. If a garden faces south, it is more likely to receive more light than one facing north. Gardens facing east also tend to get more light in the morning while those facing west will get more sun in the afternoon and evening. If you’re not sure about which direction the garden of a house faces, make sure to ask about it during viewings. This may seem like a small detail but if you’re willing to grow plants, flowers and trees in your garden, the amount of light it receives can have a big impact on what you can make of it.

Costs to improve it

While you can find the property of your dreams and fall in love with its garden, chances are that you will want to make some improvements to it in order to make it feel like your own. You may already have ideas like decking or paving it, adding more trees and plants but you need to make sure to have a clear idea of the costs involved. If the garden of the property you’re interested in isn’t very well maintained, bear in mind that those additional costs can have an important impact on the overall price of the house.

How to access it

Another important element to check is how you can access the garden. This can’t usually be changed so it is something that you need to think about before deciding to buy a house. While many houses usually have side entrances to their garden, some of them may not have it – if they have a garage extension for instance. Being able to only access the garden via the house is something that you need to take into account before making your final decision as it may have an impact on how to organise maintenance work – if you need to get your back windows cleaned or need some work done in the garden for example.

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