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How To Create The Perfect Outdoor Area

The exterior should be an extension of your interior – an additional area to enjoy with friends and family. But many people believe that to make it a space they absolutely love, a lot of effort is required. For those needing a little advice and inspiration, we’ve detailed everything you need for the perfect outdoor area.

Make it your comfort space

Any space in your home that isn’t comfortable won’t be somewhere that you want to be. Invest in pieces that will help you to relax. For instance, instead of purchasing standard outdoor benches, opt for a sofa or hanging chair. In the summer time, you could chill on a sun lounger. And if you’re notorious for having a daytime doze, then an outdoor daybed or hammock is ideal.

Complement this soothing paradise with greenery. Flowers and plants are known for improving both physical and mental health, and there are certain types with very precise benefits. For example, yarrow soothes anxiety, and chives help those experiencing depression.

Add in a little decoration

Aesthetic appeal will be a key part of perfecting your outdoor area. Pick out attractive pieces, like eye-catching lighting to illuminate the space. Accessorise furniture with cushions and throws – this will be great for adding comfort too.

Decoration will also help you to personalise the area. From decking to a floral trellis, you can make the space more visually appealing by giving it dimension. Adding paint to the space will also give it a unique feel. And, it won’t take long – if you know how to paint the right way, it can form part of a three-day weekend of home improvements.

Incorporate a focal point

You don’t need to add lots of pieces to your garden – one feature can make it enticing. Consider a canopy, parasol or pergola. These are instantly striking, as well as providing helpful overhead protection. Or select a sculpture for an attention-grabbing feature. With so many different styles available, why not purchase one from a local artist?

For both attraction and warmth, choose a firepit. This will help with the comfort factor too, creating a cosy atmosphere. Another fantastic focal point is a water feature. You’ll be able to listen to the calming sounds of nature, and it will likely bring wildlife to your garden, such as birds.

Include entertainment activities

If you entertain regularly, then you might want to consider how you can enhance evenings with loved ones. BBQs are always a great addition, and instead of purchasing the equipment, you could build a brick BBQ. Your parties will certainly outshine all your neighbours!

It might be that you’re looking to create an outdoor area that screams perfection not for yourself, but because you want to boost kerb appeal. Whether you’re looking to sell or let, we can help with any of the administration work this entails. Call 020 7078 0214 or email, to discuss how we can be of assistance.