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How to brighten up your home

If one or several rooms in your property don’t get much natural light or don’t have any windows at all, they can feel smaller and gloomy. If making important structural changes to your property are not an option, there’s no need to worry. Here are some simple and easy tips to get more light into your home while turning any dark areas into bright and airy ones.

Invest in light-coloured furniture

Replacing your dark furniture with white-coloured one will instantly brighten up any room in your property. Do you own wooden bookshelves that add to one of your rooms’ dark ambience? Or even a dark wooden wardrobe in your master bedroom? If you want to brighten and lighten things up, make sure to opt for furniture in lighter colours like white, beige, cream or white to maximise light and space throughout your property.

Keep it minimal

Heavy furniture and pieces of home décor tend to overwhelm rooms, making them feel dark and small. Swap your bulky pieces of decoration for more modern ones with sleek details and light legs. Make sure to opt for light-coloured pieces and the brightness will be enhanced further. Always remember that light and thin materials will maximise the natural lightening levels in any living space.

Maximise space and light by getting rid of clutter

Creating a brighter space can sometimes be as simple as de-cluttering. Make sure to always take a few minutes to assess the room you are clearing out. Are you using it in the right way for your needs? Make sure to only keep items that belong in that room and get rid of those which don’t. For more tips on how to get rid of clutter you can read our blog here.

Paint the floor

People tend to forget about flooring when it comes to brightening up a room but using a lighter colour on your floor can do wonders. Painted floorboards are an excellent idea to make changes to the flooring throughout your home without blowing your budget. Whatever colour you opt for, you should opt for a high shine type of finish as it will make any room instantly brighter.

Be transparent

Make sure to take advantage of any light that comes via the front of your home by installing a glass window on your front door. If you’re worried about your privacy you can always opt for frosted glass or a window film, that way people won’t be able to see what’s inside your entryway from the outside. You should also consider adding a large mirror to the end of your hallway to make it look longer and wider.

Be clever about your home décor

Using items like chandeliers, lamps, dimmers, mirrors and light-coloured furniture need to become part of your interior décor strategy. They will help to reflect the light in any dark corners of your room. Make sure to also get rid of distracting personal objects that can make the room look messy, smaller and darker. While your rooms technically won’t be darker if there are too many accessories, they will definitely feel less open and airy.


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