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Our Favourite Interior Design Trends This Summer

Every season, new trends fill the pages of interior design magazines, but which ones will look best in your property?

In this blog, we’ve rounded up our personal favourites, which are not only popular but easy to incorporate.

A mustard palette: reflecting the sun

One of this year’s biggest colours is mustard. More and more homeowners are adopting it in their properties, using a diverse range of striking hues, on their settees and other items.

A mustard colour palette allows for a bold look that is warm and inviting. This makes it ideal for the summer months, flawlessly harmonising with the sunshine outside. Not brave enough to make such a statement? Accessorise with mustard-coloured soft furnishings such as cushions, throws and rugs.


Your very own Mediterranean: laidback vibes

 Whether or not you’re heading away this summer, you can create your own taste of holiday at home. Take inspiration from the Mediterranean’s laidback looks with cool base colours, bright bursts and relaxed accessories.

Fresh white walls, wicker furniture, tassel cushions and throws are reminiscent of seaside towns. You could also take the trend into the kitchen with wooden boards and sharing platters. But remember, we can’t guarantee the sun!


Complete sustainability: getting in touch with nature

There’s nothing better than getting outside during summer. But if the weather’s not on your side, why not bring the outside in with a little greenery? Botanical prints are huge this season and adding house plants can also brighten up an area, big or small.

This trend goes hand in hand with another: sustainability. Recycled materials including wood are great ways to add to the natural feel of your home. Opt for wooden worktops and oak tables. Plus, when the sun does decide to shine, there are some fantastic recycled plastic garden tables, perfect for summer entertaining and relaxing in the open air.


Ceramic crockery: showcasing the organic

Entertaining outside isn’t for everyone. Just because you choose to host away from the sun’s strong rays, doesn’t mean it needs to be boring. Guarantee a dinner party to remember with on trend ceramic crockery that has an organic vibe. These will also add to the look and feel of your interior if you’ve opted to integrate the complete sustainability trend. Best of all, they embrace imperfections and irregularities, meaning you can add an element of uniqueness to your interior.

Pick embossed jugs and vases to pour your cool beverages from and display eye-catching blooms. When they’re not in use, store them on open shelves – another fantastic trend.

Incorporate any of these interior design trends and you won’t be disappointed. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your home, prepare for a sale or make the space more appealing to tenants, these quick twists will transform your property.


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