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Feng Shui: A Beginner’s Guide

Feng Shui is an ancient process of arranging a property in a certain way to enhance positivity, wellbeing and energy. Originating from China, the idea is that furniture must be placed in certain areas to allow positive vibes to flow through. While it’s very popular, it can be difficult to get everything right.

Thankfully, we’ve put together a beginner’s guide to make the entire process as easy as can be.

The perfect entrance

The entrance to your home is one of the most important aspects for good Feng Shui. You should be able to access it without issue. Make sure it’s clean too. Artwork and a hanging mirror will also aid positive energy. As the entry point, a welcoming feeling will set the vibe for the rest of your home.

Declutter your entire home

Clutter has a huge impact. Your property needs to be furnished and designed in a certain way to allow for good energy to flow freely. With clutter around, it’s simply distracting and frustrating. Clearing and organising space will make all the difference, and you know you’ll feel better for it.

Design decisions

 Feng Shui isn’t all about positioning. Colour and lighting also have an impact. Subtle shades and neutral colours such as blues, greens and lavenders help to promote a calm environment. Also, make sure you don’t have dirty walls – repainting them is an easy home improvement to make.


Your lighting is another thing to factor in. Ensure your lightbulbs aren’t about to go out – it symbolises burnout. Instead they should be full of colour and radiant. Though, when you’re about to go to sleep it’s best to have a light that can be dimmed, creating an ambient feeling for relaxation.

A natural element

 Nature signifies wealth and abundance. Incorporating plants and foliage into your property is thought to help you attract the same energy. Think bamboo in pastel pots. The areas of your home that face south and east are also said to be the best Feng Shui areas for wealth.

There are other design considerations too. These range from the fabric you choose for your curtains to repairing any objects that need to be fixed. You could even Feng Shui your outdoor area by placing a flowing fountain there.

Feng Shui has a lot to it. But, once the process has been completed, you’ll reap the rewards. Whether that be creating harmony in your home for you, or to help attract potential buyers or tenants.

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