why tenants don't get their deposits back

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Four common reasons why tenants don’t get their deposits back

If you’re coming to the end of your tenancy, you’ll most likely be wondering whether you’ll see your full deposit returned from your landlord. We’ve put together some of the common reasons why tenants don’t get their deposits back – so you know what not to do!


In a recent survey by HomeLet, it was found that 29% of landlords had previously not returned a tenant’s deposit.


Coming up top at 49% in the list of reasons why was the state of the garden. To avoid these kinds of problems, check your tenancy agreement so you’re aware of exactly what you’re responsible for. Usually, tenants will need to keep on top of things such as cutting the grass, and weeding – but this varies from property to property.


Unsurprisingly, the second most common factor was damage, accounting for 15% of landlord’s reasons. Whilst sometimes this can’t be helped, it’s best to deal with damage as soon as possible and report it to your landlord straight away.


Thirdly, 13% of landlords said cleanliness was their main cause. When you move in, make sure a professional inventory is taken, with photographs and a description detailing the condition of fixtures and fittings. Use this at the end of your tenancy to ensure you don’t miss anything, and that the property is left as clean as it was when you moved in.


Lastly, 12% were aggrieved by rent arrears. When this is an issue, it is best to explain the reasons as soon as possible to avoid damaging your relationship with your landlord, and making the situation worse.


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