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How to get your home summer ready

Summer has finally arrived and if you haven’t started sprucing up for the hot season yet, it’s time to do so! Not only is it time to pack away your winter clothes but it’s also a good time to refresh your interior décor and check that your cooling system is in good condition. Here are our top tips to give your home that good summer feeling to make the most of upcoming warmer months.

Out of mind out of sight, say bye to winter

Simple home décor updates are essential to make your property ready for the hot summer months. Make sure to update your interiors with lighter and brighter accessories. Pack away all the items that evoke winter such as warm covers, heavy rugs, thick curtains and blankets. Replace them with thin sheers in light and airy colours to embrace the summer sun. You can also add some flowers in your living room and kitchen for the ultimate fresh touch.

Freshen your cooling system

Now is a great time to take a look at your air conditioning system and the fans in your property. Replace your air filters to make sure the whole system runs smoothly and get rid off any debris on or around the vents. Whatever cooling systems your property has, you need to make sure they are in perfect working order before the temperature gets unbearable.

Air it out

Open all the windows in your property, shake out the rugs and switch your home fragrances for some more summery ones. Our favourites include citrus, coconut and jasmine. Opting for some fresh, light fragrances will instantly bring some summer vibes in your property.

Spruce up your garden

You can start by doing some basic garden maintenance such as sweeping up leaves and cleaning up your greenhouse if you have any. It’s surprising what a big difference these small things can make to freshen up your garden. You should also consider investing in outdoor furniture such as sofas and coffee tables to create the perfect outdoor area to enjoy those summer evenings.

Go bold

Summer goes in line with bold and bright colours. Replace any dark pieces of decors colours with vibrant and striking ones that are more suited for summer. Opt for colourful home décor accessories to add touches of colour throughout your home. Turquoise and orange pillows combined with tropical palm prints and metallic pieces can update the look of any room and will give a touch of summer to your home. If you’re looking for some more inspiration on how to add bold colours to your home, make sure to read the Summer issue of our Art of Living magazine here.

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