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Home Improvements to Make This Bank Holiday

With two bank holiday weekends in May, it’s the perfect time to spruce up your interior. Take advantage of the extended weekends and complete all those small DIY jobs that you just haven’t been able to get around to. Or, you could use the extra time to kick-start a bigger home improvement project.

If you’re struggling to decide what renovations to make, take a look at these home improvements that can be achieved this bank holiday…

Turn your eye to decoration

One of the easiest ways to update your home is with new accessories. Cushions, throws and art are just a few ideas and can breathe new life into any room. Plus, you can replace them whenever you like. Another idea is to create a gallery wall to show off your personal photos.

You could also redecorate – it doesn’t always need to cost much time or money. And, if you know how to paint the right way, a professional isn’t always required.

If you want to paint your entire home, then it’s a good idea to redecorate room by room. This way, if you do run out of time, you can at least enjoy some of the finished work. Pinterest and Instagram are great places to get some design inspiration.

Get savvy with your storage

Struggling with clutter? There’s two options. You could either buy a range of new cabinets or create effective storage yourself.

Is your kitchen over spilling with pots, pans and utensils? Start by fixing some shelves to the walls. You could also mount hooks or rails on a pantry door and hang your utensils. Racks to the side of your kitchen units could also store fruit and vegetables.

Give your garden a little TLC

If the sun’s shining this bank holiday, take your home renovations outside and enjoy the good weather. Begin by mowing the lawn and raking leaves. Then, to ensure that your outside space looks nice all year round, find out which plants are best for each season and research ways in which to stop weeds.

You could even build your own brick BBQ. Whilst you will need the right materials and measurements to ensure it is safe and in the right place, it shouldn’t take too long to complete if you have any bricklaying experience. You might even get to enjoy your new garden addition this bank holiday, once the hard work is over.

Any of these home improvements made will not only boost its appeal and make it a much more enjoyable place to live but will also increase its value. If you’re updating your property with the view to sell or let, we can help. Call 020 7078 0214 or email, and we’ll discuss how we can help.