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How to make your rented property feel more like home

When it comes to living in a rental property, making the space feel like your own can be a real challenge. Rentals often come with rules which can make it hard to give your new home that cosy, personalised feel. Here are our top tips on how to add style and personality to your rented property while also keeping your landlord happy.


Opt for vintage statement pieces

Vintage items are key when it comes to adding character to a property. Make sure to opt for key statement pieces and use them throughout your property to create a theme. Sometimes a timeless piece is the only thing you need to make your property more stylish and unique.

Light it up

You can easily set the tone and add a modern touch to the interior décor of your home by replacing the lights with new ones that fit your taste. Make sure to also walk around your home and look for any dark corners where you can place floor lamps or accent lights. This will help your property feel more inviting and cosy.

Invest in key pieces you know you will keep

Along the idea of ‘home sweet home’, you should invest in key interior design pieces that you love and know you will use and keep. Make sure the items you opt for are trendy, chic and correspond to the style of your home. Forget the idea of waiting until you own a place. You can always take them with you if you move to another property.

Play with scents

Pleasant scents usually trigger good memories and can make you feel more relaxed. You should consider getting some scented candles as well as some fresh flowers regularly or even adding some diffusers in your living room, kitchen or bedrooms. It will make your home feel clean and fresh everyday.

Get cosy

Placing pillows and throws in your living room will add colour and personality to your home and yet they are effortless to install and affordable as well. Nothing beats an evening spent cosying up under a throw with some comfortable pillows. Make sure to play with different colours and textures when selecting those items to make your living even more stylish.

Go green

Plants and flowers will add colour, life and appeal to any rooms. They’re an excellent way to add fragrance and character into your home. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can start with some low-maintenance plants such as terrariums and cacti or simply buy freshly cut flowers and change the water frequently.

Willing to go for bigger improvements? Just ask!

Depending on who you’re renting from and how long you’re planning to stay, your landlord may be happy to let you make some changes, especially if they increase the value of the property — and even more if you’re willing to put in the work yourself!


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