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Is now a good time to buy a property in East London?

An increasing number of property investors are turning their heads to East London to find spacious properties at a more affordable price for the best return on investment possible. Plus with the arrival of Crossrail this year, property prices in the area are set to soar even more. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a property investor looking to grow your portfolio, is now a good time to buy a property in East London?

London’s new property hotspot

Once synonymous with unemployment as well as deserted docks and warehouses, East London has undergone an important regeneration process over the past fifty years, transforming the area into one of London’s most sought after property hotspots. With more and more people moving to this part of the capital, the East London property market shows no sign of ebbing, making it an ideal location for landlords and property investors.

A top buy-to-let destination in the capital

East London boasts some of the highest rental yields of the capital making it a top investment destination for landlords looking for a good return on investment. Thanks to Stratford’s huge regeneration project prior to the 2012 Olympics, the area is still being developed today with many luxury flats being built around the train station. Plus with thousands of new properties to be built in and around the bustling area of Canary Wharf, investing in a property in East London is only going to become more attractive. Rental prices in the area are also rising at an impressive rate, highlighting the powerful attraction of the area for buy-to-let investors.

Excellent transport links

New transport infrastructures are boosting property prices in the East London area, bringing more and more people to this thriving area. The Elizabeth line is also set to bring even greater commuting options to East London residents. Buyers’ activity is expected to rocket in the run-up to the new line’s opening and it’s likely that house prices will rise to reflect demand in the area.

Great house price growth potential

With so much interest in the East London area, landlords and property investors can rest assured that their property investments will remain highly profitable. There is an on-going and continued demand for high quality properties in this part of London and when the time comes to sell, investors are guaranteed to see a profit on their property purchase in the next few years.

A great range of new-build properties to choose from

East London has undergone a number of regeneration projects in recent years and with thousands of new homes and developments to be built in the next five years, the area is only set to become more and more attractive. We have a growing portfolio of properties available in the East London area, such as Royal Wharf, a selection of stunning waterfront apartments located in the popular Royal Docks area. We also have a wide range of new-build properties available in prestigious developments located in the very heart of Canary Wharf such as The Madison and Horizons Tower – for the best return on your property investment.


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