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Is your property ready for winter?

With colder temperatures on the horizon, now is a good time to think about how to prepare your home for the months ahead. Here are our top tips to get your property through winter.

Check your heating system

You should make sure that the heating system is working properly in advance.You can switch it on when the weather is still relatively warm and check that it heats up your radiators properly. That way you’ll find out if you need to bleed or clean your radiators. Getting the heating system checked out regularly will help prevent any problems during the winter.

Service your boiler

There’s nothing worse than a boiler breakdown in the middle of winter. Regularly servicing your boiler is vital to ensure that it is running efficiently. We recommend getting a Gas Safe registered engineer to service your boiler as well as any other gas appliances you may have. This will give you the peace of mind that the work is done to a high standard.

Keep your gutters clean

 Make sure to clear your gutters from debris such as leaves and mud to minimise the risk of water damage. You should seal any leaks you find and pay extra attention to mould as it can cause many issues in the long term.

Insulation is essential

Insulation can help to reduce heat loss throughout your home. By insulating your walls and your loft you can retain the warmth in your home, helping you save money.
It is one of the most efficient ways to save energy within your property since it keeps it warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Check the pipes

Make sure that the pipes in your property are regularly checked. Blocked pipes can freeze during winter, then expand and burst, causing water damage to your home. You should also check that they are properly secured to the walls and that they’re well insulated.


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