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What are the key interior trends for 2017?

Last month, we introduced you to Clare Pascoe, founder of award-winning Pascoe Interiors. Clare will be bringing you regular updates and insights into the world of interior design, starting this week, where she will be outlining the 2017 interior design trend predictions.

2017 Interior Design Trend Predictions

In January, we are bombarded with key fashion and interiors trends for the year ahead. Most of these derive from carefully researched studies, which develop trend patterns many months in advance so that when the results are published in Interiors’ magazines, home owners can go out straight away to snap up the very latest in furnishings and accessories.

For interior designers, there are a few reliable trend-forecasting sources which do have an impact on buyers, that we all take note of. Whether we agree with their predictions or not, the fact that they are a reputable source invariably creates a trend out of their predictions due to the sheer number of people who do sit up and take notice.

Pantone launched ‘Greenery’ as the Colour of the Year 2017. This zesty green takes inspiration from the ‘tangy green’ often seen in foliage. It’s fresh, natural, and vibrant. But it is a difficult colour to decorate with, so the reality is that we will only see easily updated accessories being made in this exact shade; while larger investment pieces will appear in a more classic ‘grass’ green that will endure for longer.

Pantone greenery

Wooden boards painted in the Pantone Colour of the Year 2017, greenery.

Farrow & Ball is another reliable source of trend inspiration, with the interesting aspect that their historical colours have already lasted the test of time, so their palettes provide a safe way to inject colour that is not only on trend but offers good longevity. It is no surprise to see Farrow & Ball’s green for 2017 is the dark ‘Studio Green’ whose rich tones are rooted in classic botanicals. This colour is not for the faint-hearted, as in many lights it will register as black, but against white woodwork, it is simply stunning.

Camira Fabrics are the third trend-forecasting source who I give great credit to, as they interestingly research a number of key trends, which is a more realistic projection. Amongst their 2017 predictions is their ‘Nurturing Nature’ palette, which features a range of greens, greys, and blues that are often found in natural scenes.

Even though I have repeatedly proven habit of being ahead of trend – it is still interesting to read how several other studies and sources come to agree that green is going to be an influential colour in 2017; and that botanical, natural prints will be a strong feature.

Another strong trend, that has not been largely vocalised in the press – yet – that I know will be a strong look for 2017 and beyond, is for hand made patterned tiles. Huge inspiration for patterned tiles is coming out of Nordic countries, to provide us with ways to create art installations in our bathrooms, kitchens, and entrance halls. Rooted closely enough to classic Victorian floor tiles, the look will endure, even in its’ current modern interpretation.

I also predict a return to velvet for upholstery – of the high quality, 100% cotton Italian variety, whose short pile reflects light beautifully without too much colour variation when the pile is stroked back and forth. Velvet adds classic lux to an interior, which we will see more of as we inch towards feeling more confident and affluent as we slowly put distance between us, and the austerity of the recent past.

Tune in next week for the second part of the interior trends feature, and find out when you should actually take interior inspiration from trend predictions!

Clare Pascoe for Kingsley Hamilton Estates.