lowdown on short-term lets

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The lowdown on short-term lets

In last 12 months, there has been a significant increase in the demand for short-term lets. But why are more people considering this as an option?

Why short-term lets?

The benefits of short-term lets can be huge, particularly in terms of corporate relocation. Businesses are often on the look out for high-end rental properties on a short-term contract for their staff. Demand is high, as more people prefer to stay in a fully furnished rental than a hotel, where privacy and space can be limited.

For tenants, renting on a short-term basis is the perfect way to get to know a particular area, i.e. if you’ve started a new job and are thinking of moving closer to work. This option is much cheaper than a hotel. In addition, more and more people are carrying out renovation projects on their homes to increase the value, and are renting on a short-term contract whilst the work takes place.

It’s not just tenants that benefit from short-term letting. Flexibility works both ways, and many landlords are also looking for short-term solutions. For example, if they’re looking to sell, they might want to offer the property as a short term let whilst they wait for the process to complete.

Short or long term lets?

So which do tenants actually prefer?

In a survey by the Deposit Protection Service, 90% of tenants said they preferred contracts that lasted up to two years, while 35% of these stated they wanted a contract no longer than six months.

This suggests that tenants are in the market for short-term lets. Julian Foster, Managing Director of DPS, said that the results of the survey suggest ‘that the idea that tenants crave longer tenancies is a myth. Like many landlords, many tenants prefer the flexibility provided by shorter tenancy agreements, rather than being locked into long commitments over where they live and who they rent from.’

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