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How To Maximise Viewings This Summer

It’s already been established that summer is the best time to sell your property. So, make the most of this peak time and take advantage of every viewing with our essential advice. Remember, the better the viewings, the better chance of a quicker sale.

Boost your kerb appeal

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it a good one. When arriving at your property, the door will be one of the first things a potential buyer sees. Make sure this point of entrance is in good shape. From a slightly loose door number to a tarnished letter box, be sure to fix any issues that can be seen. Your door will also benefit from a fresh lick of paint. A fairly neutral colour is best – you might love lilac, but this could deter others in an instant.

If you have a front garden, then this forms part of the first impression too. Remove weeds and trim any overgrown trees. The latter may block natural light that would make your home shine otherwise. Plant some bright flowers and invest in features that will help buyers to imagine themselves living there, like garden furniture. Don’t take this too far though – a unique sculpture could make it feel too personal.

Have a spring clean for summer

The interior of your property should be just as tidy and appealing as the exterior. Before listing your property, it will benefit from a thorough clean. Cover high to low and left to right, leaving no area untouched. The windows are a key area – you don’t want to obscure the view of your exterior.

To really boost your property’s kerb appeal, perform some DIY. Any issues – big or small – may alarm potential buyers. Plus, this doesn’t have to be laborious. There are a few home improvementsyou could do during the August bank holiday weekend. If you’re planning on sprucing your indoors up with fresh paint and furnishings, again, this will need to be quite neutral to cater for a variety of tastes.

Let the light in… and the fresh air

It’s officially summer, so make the most of the natural light – it’s an incredible appeal booster. Even if you prefer the curtains closed, open them. It will not only brighten up the smallest of rooms, but it will also make your property appear bigger.

Don’t forget to open up the windows before viewings too. And, remember to consider odours – from cooking to pets. Why not see if you can keep your pets outside or ask someone else to look after them temporarily? This is also a good idea in case the buyer or their relatives, particularly young children, are afraid of certain animals.

Some of these tasks can be handled by the likes of gardeners and cleaners if you don’t have the time. And for the tougher jobs, like those that come with the administration of selling, you can turn to Kingsley Hamilton Estates.

From property valuation to the viewings themselves, our expert help will ensure that you can achieve a swift sale this summer. Begin the easy-as-can-be process by calling 020 7078 0214 or emailing