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Our guide to a clutter-free home

Whether you have decided to sell your property or just fancy a deep clean, decluttering your home is a useful way to organise your property and regain some all-important space. If your property is full of items you no longer use or need, here are some helpful tips to help you get rid of clutter in your home.

Do it step by step

Make sure to stick to one room at a time. Tackling the whole property will only leave you exhausted. If you feel like it’s time for a big clear out, but haven’t got the time to do everything in a day, consider doing it bit by bit. You can set yourself weekly objectives, such as clearing out your living room and bedroom, or clearing out the garage. Over a few weeks your property will be feeling much tidier.


Always identify which areas are causing you the most stress. Is it the bedroom, the living room or the kitchen? Make those rooms priorities when clearing out. Starting with the most daunting areas first will allow you to immediately see the benefits of decluttering.

Let go of things you have no use for

Always ask yourself: ‘Am I going to need this in the near future?’ If the answer is no, then throw it away or donate it. A lot of clutter comes from keeping items that you think you’ll use, but never do in the end.

Assess the space

It’s worth taking a few minutes to assess the space you are clearing out. Are you using it in the right way for your needs? Make sure that you know which items belong in the room and which don’t. You need to know what you want and need in each room that you are decluttering, that way you won’t waste time trying to decide where each item belongs.

Be organised

Go through each room in the order that you have selected and work your way from item to item until you have looked at everything. Collect clutter in a box, or container and move it from one room to the other. Once you are done, place the unwanted items in your bin or consider donating the things are still in a good condition.


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