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Our top tips on how to decorate your rental property

When it comes to decorating your rental property, it can be difficult to know where and how to spend your budget. Plus not knowing your tenants and their style can also make decorating your rental property a bit tricky. Here are some easy tips on how to furnish and decorate your property to help you get a better return on investment.


Stay neutral

Try to not get personal when decorating your rental property. Using neutral colours is always a safe option as they will appeal to the majority of people. Our KHE favourites include light grey, ivory and beige. If your property appears clean, stylish and well-presented you will increase your chances at securing good tenants.

Choose your flooring carefully

If you’re going for carpets, try to avoid those light ones and look for slightly darker shades. You should also consider installing laminate flooring too. It is much more durable, which means it can withstand a lot more than carpets and is also very easy to replace and clean.

Upgrade the kitchen and the bathroom

The kitchen and the bathrooms are often great selling points when it comes to letting a property. Opt for kitchen and bathroom furniture that is durable and upgrade appliances when they need replacing. Don’t forget to make sure the kitchen appliances are clean, matching and in good working order.

Let the light in

Make sure to replace any broken light bulbs with energy-efficient bulbs. This will also reduce your energy costs as they usually tend to last longer. Make sure to also use artificial lighting to brighten up your rooms and shed light on your furniture. A boost in lighting will dramatically change the look and feel of your home.

Pick the furniture wisely

If you are planning to let your property furnished, you will need to make sure that all furnishings comply with fire safety regulations. Providing furniture as well as basic appliances in your rental property will also give it a homely appearance. I will also make it more convenient for tenants who do not want to deal with the hassle of buying furniture.

Dress to impress

Making your property as attractive as possible will maximise your chances of attracting tenants. Simple hacks such as making sure the kitchen and the bathroom are sparkling can make a big difference during viewings. Adding flowers and plants throughout your property will also make it feel more homely while adding a nice finishing touch to your interior decor.


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