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Property Staging: The Smart Way To Sell Your House

Have you found that neither viewings nor offers are rolling in for your property? You’re not the only one. Many sellers have experienced this, and often they turn to property staging.

Home staging is when sellers prepare their property in a way that makes it more appealing, with the aim of selling more quickly – and for a higher price.

Setting your home up to be seen in the best light will obviously come at a cost. But many are willing to pay for it. And often, it’s the smart way to sell. Here, we explain why.

Optimum appearance

Think about it this way – would you move in somewhere you didn’t like the look of? Your likely answer is no. The look and feel of a property play a big part in whether someone decides to take your property or not. And remember, while you think your home is fine, there could be a number of things repelling possible buyers.

For example, a bit of clutter. Whilst the home may not be ‘messy’ per se, a little disorder will make it look like a space they can’t move into easily. Any potential homebuyer needs to be able to imagine themselves living in the property.

A universal feel

You don’t need to remove all of your belongings to allow another person to picture their own family in the property. It’s the opposite, in fact; an empty space would look, well, vacant. Simple furniture like a sofa will achieve a homely feel. Typically, neutral items work the best as bold colours may ward off viewers.

While furniture works well, viewers won’t be able to visualise themselves there if the home is coated in your character. Ensure that there’s nothing personal on display – from photographs to unique accessories.

Quick, high-priced sale

Property staging will allow you to not only find the right buyer – but quickly. A place that looks desirable will make it much more competitive too and viewers won’t waste their time when putting in an offer. And this offer will most likely be higher than if you hadn’t staged your property because it increases your value, and ultimately the asking price.

Plus, there is the advantage of purchasing a home that doesn’t need work. For some, they’re happy to do renovations – for others, they realise how difficult it can be to budget for this work and so would prefer somewhere ready-made.

Another reason that makes property staging so beneficial is because you can decide how little or much is done. You don’t have to completely overhaul your bathroom and kitchen – there might just be a few home improvements that will add tremendous value and appeal to your home.

Once this task is complete, you might come across another issue: the related administrative work. This can be solved too, thankfully – Kingsley Hamilton Estates are happy to do the legwork for you. Call 020 7078 0214 or email to discuss how we could help.