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How to reduce your energy bills this winter

Heating your property during the cold winter months can really stretch your budget, but it doesn’t have to. Taking some time to winter poof your home and maintain or upgrade appliances can result in significant savings when it gets colder. Here’s how you can keep your home warm this season without blowing your budget!

Insulate your windows

Check the draughts around your property. Cold air usually comes in under the doors and through floorboards, cat flaps, and window cracks. Using a draught excluder sealant can make a big difference without the need for a major upgrade.

Switch tariffs

You should switch to the cheapest possible tariff. The cost difference between the highest and lowest tariffs on the market is often around hundreds of pounds, making it seriously worthwhile to check what other companies have to offer.

Turn the heating off when you’re not in

Leaving heaters switched on while you sleep or are not at home is unnecessary, dangerous and expensive. The key thing to remember about heating is that you only need some rooms to be warm at certain times during the day. Allowing your home to cool down when you are away will reduce your heating bill.

Be smart

Consider investing in smart meters. Smart home systems can adjust the thermostat for you and cut your energy bills. It’s a great tool to help you better understand your energy consumption and discover ways you can reduce usage and, in turn, your bills.

Insulate your boiler

Your boiler works extra hard in the winter. Give it a little something in return such as a fibreglass insulation blanket. This will reduce heat loss and can help you save money on your electricity consumption.

Make the most of sunlight

Despite the cold temperatures outside, the sun will still bring some heat into your home. Keep your curtains open during the day, especially on the side of the property where you get more direct sunlight. The heat will reduce how much your heater needs to run.



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