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How to refresh your home in the New Year

With Christmas and New Year celebrations done and dusted, now is a great time to give your home a makeover. A small change can be all that’s needed to give your home that chic look. Here are 7 ways to refresh your home décor after the festive period.

Style up your bedroom

Give your bedroom an easy boost with a new set of bed linen. Stick to white, beige and soft neutral colours such as light blue, taupe or grey. You can also add a touch of flowers by your bed for an invigorating sense of freshness.

Cosy up your living room

Is your sofa looking a little bit tired? You can add some pillows and plaids to revive it. Always make sure that the fabrics that you opt for share at least one common colour to hold the look of your room together.  Rearrange the items that you already have to give your living room a new perspective.

Brighten up

Let more light in! Get rid of old heavy curtains and replace them with something lighter, or nothing at all. Make sure to use the artificial lighting throughout your property to brighten up your rooms and shed light on your furniture. A boost in lighting can dramatically change the look and feel of any room in your home.

In with the new

Take some time to refresh the rooms in your property with updated décor. Make an inventory of what’s currently in each room. Does it align with the style that you want to have? Simple updates are often the best ones, like adding a mirror to an empty wall or adding a piece of art to your living room.

Get crafty

Before throwing things away, check if there’s a way to revive them. Have your chairs seen better days? Adding a splash of colours using paint on the legs can do wonders! Paint your walls in a different shade or refresh your white doors with a pop of colour to give it a new look.

Warm it up with rugs

Whether your rooms are covered in carpet or wood, rugs are a great way to add colour, texture and character. Try layering rugs in different shapes and patterns for an extra-comfy look.

Change the knobs

Changing the knobs on your cabinets will immediately update the look of a room. Replace the standard ones that came with your drawers with something that matches the décor of your room.


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