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Summer is the best time to sell. Here’s why…

What’s the first thing you think of when it comes to summer? Going on holiday? Spending time outside with your loved ones? Putting your house up for sale? While the latter might not be the first thing that pops into your head, summer is fast becoming widely known as the best time to sell property – and you don’t need to abandon any of your seasonal plans.

Here, we reveal why you can enjoy both a break away and a simple, swift sale…

Putting plans in place

Lots of people looking for a new home are families, and for them, the beginning of the year is usually September rather than January. This is because of the new school year, and a fresh start is often sought in time for its arrival. Perhaps their child will be starting school for the first time and so they want to be in the ideal spot or maybe a new school requires a new location.

But, there’s plenty of other reasons why families choose to move during the summer too. With kids not in school, it makes the moving process easier, particularly if parents have booked time off to look after them anyway. Plus, the weather is nice and warm, meaning there shouldn’t be any significant obstructions like a flood or snowstorm.

A sense of serious urgency

These families, or anyone else looking to buy for a September fresh start, therefore have a deadline. And as a vendor, you can make the most of this. Requiring a quick buying process allows you to have the upper hand in negotiations. You may also find that they are willing to offer you a much more competitive price than at any other time of year.

As you’ll have the chance to earn more money for your property, summer truly is a seller’s market. If you already have a place you can be in by September, or you’re a buy-to-let landlord without sitting tenants, then you can take advantage of the timing with the promise of a vacated home when required.

Shining the spotlight on your property

Whenever you choose to sell, you’ll want the property to look its very best. With longer and significantly brighter days, summertime offers this. Occasionally this isn’t enough and it may be that you need to carry out some home improvements.

Your home may need a little DIY, such as incorporating summer interior design trends, or it might be that upon valuation you discover there’s serious work to do. For example, structural improvements may be required by a professional. On top of this, it’s likely that you’ll need to perform at least a little bit of gardening – it’s a key area that will especially stand out in the summer.

Increased daylight hours mean you’ll have longer to complete all those odd-jobs as well as selling-related activities such as getting the property valued, showing it to buyers and other administration work.

Though, it may be the case you’d simply rather be doing something else. Or perhaps, you need some expert help. That’s where Kingsley Hamilton Estates comes in. We’ll make every stage of the selling process as smooth as can be. Call 020 7078 0214 or email to get advice from our friendly team.