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Welcome to our blog! In this section we share our expert knowledge on the UK property market and offer you plenty of useful tips and advice to help you make the right decision, whether you’re looking to buy, sell or let.

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3 Big Things Every BTL Landlord Should Know In 2019

The property market never sleeps. On top of being a thriving investment (particularly if, as a landlord, you opt to buy-to-let), there are always changes to stay abreast of – otherwise you risk not meeting your legal requirements, or fully capitalising on the venture. Join us as we detail the …

Landlords, should you furnish your buy-to-let property?

Deciding to let your property furnished or unfurnished is just one of the many decisions that landlords face. There are advantages to both, and it is important to consider your options carefully as it could have an impact on your …

How to grow your buy-to-let property portfolio

Taking the first steps into the world of property investment can be daunting and going from one to a number of properties can take a lot of time, money and effort. Here are some easy tips to help you grow your property portfolio while maximising your profits. Know your objectives …