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Welcome to our blog! In this section we share our expert knowledge on the UK property market and offer you plenty of useful tips and advice to help you make the right decision, whether you’re looking to buy, sell or let.

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Buy-to-let mortgages explained

We caught up with Sam Lee, Senior mortgage and insurance advisor at Capricorn Financial, who told us everything about buy-to-let mortgages. What are buy-to-let mortgages? A buy-to-let mortgage does exactly what is ‘says on the tin’: you are purchasing a property for which the intention is to let out. The …

How to find the right tenants for your property

Finding good tenants for your buy-to-let properties is essential, and keeping them is even more important. Here are 5 simple tips to help you find your ideal tenants. Know who your ideal tenants are Before starting to look for your …

Our top tips for securing a tenancy renewal

If your tenants pay their rent on time, have good credit scores and are responsible then you probably want them to renew their tenancy agreement. Here are our top tips to help you secure a tenancy renewal while keeping your tenants happy. Always be as fair as possible It’s important …