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Top features that will help let your home

Whether you’re looking to buy a new property to grow your portfolio or want to give your current properties a boost on the rental market, it’s important to understand what tenants look for in a rental property. Here are 5 features that can give you a higher chance of securing tenants for your buy-to-let properties.


No matter what kind of tenants you’re looking to attract, lots of natural light will go a long way. It will help any property feel more spacious and airy and it is one of the main elements people often look for in a rental property. If your property is a bit dark, make sure to use artificial lighting to brighten up your rooms and shed light on your furniture. Make sure to opt for dimmers and illumination elements hidden behind your furniture to maximise space.

High speed internet

In an increasingly connected world, high speed internet is becoming more and more important for tenants when looking for a property to rent. According to a survey from Shelter and B&Q, 55% of 4000 renters say that TV and Internet access are their biggest priority when it comes to renting a home. While most properties located in urban areas will have this as a given, if your buy-to-let property is located in the countryside then make sure to opt for a good broadband service in your rental property.


Even if your tenants do not have pets when they move in, if they’re looking to settle down and rent your property in the long-term, a pet-friendly rental can be a huge bonus. Your tenants will appreciate your flexibility and are more likely to stay longer in the property.

Move-in ready condition

If your buy-to-let property requires painting, carpeting, or deep cleaning, it can turn off many prospective tenants. Before showing your property, make sure that all the necessary repairs have been made. The cleaner and nicer your buy-to-let property is, the better chance you have at your new tenants maintaining its condition during their tenancy.

White goods

Many tenants now expect white goods as standard in rental properties, especially if they’re not looking for somewhere long-term. Adding a washing machine, a fridge and a dishwasher in your buy-to-let property can be a real advantage when it comes to attracting tenants – especially if other properties in the area do not offer those options.

Outdoor spaces

Tenants often look for a terrace, garden or even a balcony where they can relax and enjoy the evenings. If you are investing in another buy-to-let property or thinking about making some structural changes to your current ones, ensure that you invest additional time and money into providing outdoor spaces. This will make your property look more appealing to prospective tenants and can be a real advantage on the market.


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