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Top tips to give your home kerb appeal

You only have one chance to make a good first impression and while you may be focusing all your efforts indoors, the exterior of your property is just as important – if not more. Here are our top tips to help you create kerb appeal whether you’re looking to let or sell your property.

Make a statement with your front door

No matter how small or big your property is, your front door is the face of your home and is the first thing that people see. One of the easiest ways to give your outdoors a décor boost is by painting your entrance door. Soft greys, beiges and dark blues are always going to look smart but if you’re looking for bolder options, then you should also consider to go for a vibrant shade of purple, turquoise or red to make a real statement. Always remember to pick a colour that fits the overall look and style of your property.

Update your windows

Sometimes the changes you make inside can also have a strong impact on how your property is perceived from the outside. Updating your windows with thin new curtains or adding some blinds or shutters can have a surprisingly big impact on the look and style of your windows from the outside. Make sure to opt for lined curtains and blinds in shades that go well with your front door. This will give your windows – and your property as whole – a neat look.

Focus on your outdoor décor

Updating the exterior of your property doesn’t need to cost you a fortune to look great. A well-maintained exterior will give your property a cared for look and will be well-perceived by potential viewers. Make sure to get rid of clutter and check that nothing broken or tired-looking is left outside. Paying attention to details while showing that your exterior is well-decorated and maintained can make a big difference when it comes to letting or selling your property.

Brighten it up

If you’ve already installed outdoor lighting, make sure that all of the light bulbs are properly working. If you haven’t installed any outdoor lighting yet, you should consider setting up outdoor security lights. Not only will it keep your property safe and secure, but it’ll also show you the way to your home at night. If you own a garden, installing some lights concealed in trees and plants throughout will also help brighten the path to your front door.

Spruce it up with some plants

If you do have green fingers then your garden can help you make a good first impression. A well-maintained garden is an excellent way to make your property more attractive. Make sure to position some hanging flower baskets by your front door and if you have a lawn, make sure that the grass is green and mowed regularly. This will make your home more attractive in the eyes of potential buyers and tenants.

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