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Translate spring-summer 2016 fashion trends into your home’s decor

As spring settles in, we’re swooning over the spring-summer 2016 catwalk trends that we know will translate well into our interiors. And you can too – blossom the mood and look of your home with our top four suggestions.


Translatable spring-summer 2016 fashion trend one: sequins and sparkle

High-shine was a big trend on the spring-summer 2016 catwalks. The likes of Lanvin, Marc Jacobs, and Gucci showcased their models dressed in metallic shades of mysterious blue, daring reds, and enchanting greens.

spring/summer 2016 fashion

There are a number of ways to adopt the trend for your home. Introduce a subtle touch of extravagance through the choice of decor accessories and soft furnishings; including candles, mirrors, photo frames, vases, bowls, pillows, cushions, and curtains. This small-scale approach is a great way to incorporate the dazzling trend on a wallet-friendly and, more importantly, temporary basis.

If you wish to amp up the drama, however, enlist the help of a feature wall in the living room, dining room, or bedroom(s). Choose from glitter paint and gold leaf to sequins and textured metallic wallpaper – whatever your taste, there’s a style to suit.

And for an even bolder touch, pick a tiled feature wall in your bathroom. Either way, the trick is to pair the intensity of the shine with neutral colours so the focus remains on the featured trend, just as it should be.

Translatable spring-summer 2016 fashion trend two: orange

It’s no surprise that the likes of Hermes, Stella McCartney, and Paspring/summer 2016 ul Smith adored their models in a vibrant orange colour palette. Sunset tones, bright citruses, and fiery hues – whatever the choice, orange remains the happiest colour of all.

Plus, the versatile nature of orange is what makes it a pleasure to inject into home decor. Opt for the bolder end of the orange spectrum by using it as a background colour on walls, while offsetting it with hints of blue furnishings; ranging from moody navy to royal blue to punchy turquoise, and everything in between for the perfect contrast.

And since orange and blue pair so well, switch the concept so that former plays the role of an accent colour, in small bursts, for an equally uplifting effect. Either way, the end result will be a visually appealing living space that you won’t want to leave.

Translatable spring-summer 2016 fashion trend three: florals

As spring is synonymous with flowers, it’s only natural that designers, including Mary Katrantzou, Burberry Prorspring/summer 2016sum, and Jason Wu, favoured a range of floral patterns. The addition of florals can be a soft, sensuous yet playful way to brighten up your personal space.

Embrace the trend and introduce flowers. Their natural fragrance will subtly freshen up any room, from the home office through to the master bedroom. Plus, pick soft furnishings such as pillows and curtains in flowery prints for a quirky touch that proves complementary alongside either a dark or light background wall colour.

Or recreate the floral look with a bolder option – the feature wall. Whether you opt for paint or wallpaper, the trick is to keep the rest of the room’s surroundings minimalistic. Otherwise, you face the risk of too many colours and patterns clashing, which won’t deliver the desired harmonious effect.

Translatable spring-summer 2016 fashion trend four: check patterns

Between plaids, tartans, and gingham, there was no shortage ospring/summer 2016f checkered prints on the spring-summer 2016 runways of Missoni, Armani, and Victoria Beckham. And this season brought with it bolder colours, sometimes in contrasting colourways.

Work the trend, on a smaller scale, by placing throws over your sofas and hanging up kitchen blinds. We’ve seen some examples of plaid wallpaper acting as the room’s focal point – a brave approach and only recommended if you’re willing to commit to the trend for an extended period of time. Alternatively, tiled or carpeted flooring in black and white is a timeless way to commit to the trend.

Otherwise, soft furnishings including cushions and seat pads are always easier to swap in favour of enjoying other trends too.

Go all out in rustic reds and soft beige tones for an authentic country-inspired look. Or pick a brighter colour palette for a modern update

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