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Your ultimate guide to Halloween in London

Don’t feel like trick or treating? Even if sweets aren’t your thing, trust us, there’s still a lot of fun to be had on Halloween in London. Whether it’s a ghost tour in the capital or some family-friendly fun, London has plenty to offer on Halloween. Take a look at our roundup of things to do on and around this spooky day in London:

Visit London’s Dungeons

Discover London’s most horrible historic happenings and brace yourself for some scary rides. From hearing the story of Jack the Ripper to coming face-to-face with Sweeney Todd, we promise you’ll go home feeling thoroughly scared. Best to check it out in the daytime.

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Get spooked in Old Street’s church

For a truly blood-curdling experience, go to Old Street’s church, St Luke’s. This stunning and deconsecrated building is the ideal setting for a screening of the iconic vampire film Nosferatu. The film will also be accompanied by a live score by The Cabinet of Living Cinema. Their score to ‘Nosferatu’ offers a contemporary take on the silent film score, capturing both the nightmarish and experimental atmosphere of this legendary expressionist masterpiece.

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Celebrate Halloween in the sky

Dance the night away 35 floors over the streets of central London at the Sky Garden in Aldgate. The famous venue will be transformed into a Halloween-themed disco with live music and make-up artists.

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Go for a trip on a haunted ship

Head to the National Maritime Museum for their annual family Halloween party. Investigate a submerged haunted ship and meet ghosts who have come back to life to join in the fun.

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Head to the Book Club to watch Hocus Pocus

The Book Club in Shoreditch will be holding a screening of the famous 90’s classic, Hocus Pocus, followed by a Halloween-themed club night. Sip on witches brew, get your face painted, and dance the night away to your favourite 90’s songs.

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Visit Highgate Cemetery

The renowned Highgate Cemetery opened back in 1839 and owes much of its fame to being the resting place of Karl Marx, George Eliot and Douglas Adams. The cemetery’s history and reputation has made it one of the most visited places in the UK for those looking for a paranormal experience.

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If you are looking for events closer to Canary Wharf, check out our below selection :

Visit the docks after dark

Will you be brave enough to enter this 200 year old warehouse for a dark tour of the Museum of London Docklands? Listen to the chilling stories of the men, women and children who worked in the docks, and discover the most haunted spots of the building.

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Get your horror fix while watching ‘Psycho’

What more chilling film to watch on Halloween than Hitchcock’s Psycho, the horror-thriller that haunts our showers with screeching strings and chef’s knives? Head to Everyman cinema in Canary Wharf to get your fill of spine tingling suspense for Halloween!

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