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What’s on: Mayfair | Lumiere London

As one of the most exciting districts in central London, upmarket Mayfair is the ideal destination for events spanning arts & culture, music, and fashion. And to kickstart the year with a visual spectacle, the area is one of four playing host to Lumiere London – the capital’s biggest light festival yet. Situated in Berkeley Square, home to one of our offices, the Kingsley Hamilton Estates team is currently revelling in the fun.

Open to the public from 6:30pm to 10:30pm each evening until Sunday 17 January, Lumiere London, a free event, is produced by creative company Artichoke and supported by the Mayor of London. The former has a penchant for collaborating with artists to “invade our public spaces and put on extraordinary events that live in the memory forever.” And with 30 light installations from world-renowned artists on display, Lumiere London certainly delivers.

Go to Grosvenor Square to see Lightbenches by Bernd Spiecker. Illuminated by hundreds of LEDs, the set of benches encourages members of the public to come together through the power of conversation while taking a moment’s respite from the fast-paced nature of London life.

Plus, look out for Aquarium by Benedetto Bufalino & Benoit Deseille. Mesmerise your sights with this playful installation which sees the iconic red telephone box transformed into an aquarium swimming with exotic fish – a symbolic invitation to its audience to embrace a sense of escapism from daily life. Continue this homage to times past with a visit to Brothers & Sisters by Ron Haselden. Designed to create portraits of siblings, the LED embedded light-rope installation was originally commissioned by Canary Wharf Arts and is inspired by the drawings made by school pupils in the area.

Head over to Brown Hart Gardens to witness Sanctuary by Sarah Blood, a collection of twelve birdhouses that uses light and sound as the only mediums to make a seasonal statement. The neon lights outlining the birdhouses signify a mindfulness of winter, whereas the accompanying soundtrack of birdsong yearns to welcome happier times associated with spring.

Whether you’re an enthusiastic art fan, a keen photographer, or looking for an exciting way to spend the weekend, Lumiere London will have you spoilt for choice. And once you’re done, why not check out Canary Wharf’s very own Winter Lights festival, open until Friday 22 January.

From Mayfair to Canary Wharf, enjoy the capital in a new light reimagined by well-known names in the art world. And if you wish to invest in a property in either or both of these vibrant locations, call 020 7078 0214 to talk to our expert team and start the process.