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Why has the UK turned into renovation enthusiasts?

Buying up then fixing up – where has our passion for home renovation come from?

Houzz, a home and interior design website, has found that the UK is the area with the biggest passion for home improvement. The recent study shows that over 75% of homeowners in the UK renovated their home in some form in 2014, and are planning even further renovation projects for 2016.

Interestingly, the study also found that the primary reason for getting the renovators in was the purchase of a new home – not improving their existing property.

In support of the results of the Houzz survey, research by Sainsbury’s Bank Credit Cards found that renovation enthusiasts in the UK spend a massive £22bn on their homes in a single year.

We’ve taken a closer look at some of the possible reasons why home renovations are so popular:


  • Renovating is essentially an exciting chance to start a fresh on a blank canvas. Even more so when buying a new property – as supported by the Houzz study findings.


  • Spending money on a properties appearance can add a tidy sum to the properties value. In short, many of us spruce up to sell up. Plus, homeowners will gain increased enjoyment out of their home in the meantime.


  • The process gives homeowners the exciting opportunity to put their own stamp on the property, and make their home reflective of their personality. As a result, being part of the design process can often provide a sense of personal satisfaction.


According to the study, most homeowners will focus on just a couple of rooms rather than the whole property, with bedrooms and kitchens the most popular areas to be tackled.

Focus on the kitchen is not a surprise. The recent surge in popularity of cookery programmes help portray the kitchen as a very sociable space – somewhere that should always look its best. This rise of the so called ‘super kitchen’ (2016 U.S Kitchen Trends Study) – used to entertain guests, to watch TV, or even to recreate The Great British Bake Off – only goes to show just how important the look and feel of our kitchens is becoming to us.

If you’re looking to revamp your home, then you might want to think about getting in the experts – over 90% of those asked said they favoured this approach as opposed to completing the work themselves.

But if you are thinking about doing it yourself, get started with our top three renovation tips below:


  1. Estimate the cost of your renovation carefully, then add on 15% for any extra costs that may pop up further down the line.


  1. Make a list of work to be done, in order of importance. Think long-term, essential tasks first.


  1. Shop around before making a final decision. Flooring, windows and doors are all important features, and you shouldn’t just be looking at price – think about quality and durability as well. Reading online reviews will also help you make an informed decision.


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