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Why should you invest in East London?

An increasing number of homebuyers are moving eastwards in their property search. So aside from being one of London’s more affordable locations, why does East London feel like the place to be right now?


For starters, regeneration programmes have made East London a much more desirable place to live. As a result of Stratford hosting the 2012 Olympic Games, a huge amount of regeneration took place – not just in Stratford, but in the surrounding areas as well. A total of £13 billion was invested during this period, and people finally started to see East London as an attractive place to live.


Four years on from the Games, Stratford is now home to a growing number of families and city professionals. As a result of this, house prices have begun to climb, making this part of London the perfect location for landlords and property investors.


Plus, new transport infrastructures are creating fresh property hotspots, and bringing more and more people to this thriving part of the city. London’s newest rail line, the Elizabeth line, is set to bring even greater connections to residents of East London – like connecting Canary Wharf with Liverpool Street in just two stops.


13 new river crossings have been proposed, with the majority, if approved, to be situated in East London. These include a pedestrian and cycle link between Rotherhithe and Canary Wharf, a crossing between the Royal Docks and Charlton Riverside, and a new road bridge between Beckton and Thamesmead.


Where should I invest in East London?

Even though prices are increasing, properties in East London are still good value, and range from affordable flats to new luxury developments. One thing is certain; properties here are now in high demand. And with so many people flocking east, the area is certainly profitable for investors.


Royal Docks is a popular choice for buyers and investors – a building boom has resulted in a number of new homes and developments.


Royal Wharf is one development that’s proving popular amongst investors. This new waterfront development in the Royal Docks consists of a range of stunning apartments and impressive townhouses, and has a real neighbourhood feel to it, with parks, schools and restaurants by the river set to be created.


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